Has your laptop’s charger started to fail? No longer send power to your computer? Has it been lost? The solution to your problem will be found in Kelatos.
We have a large stock of chargers for all types of laptops, our specialists will find the ideal for your computer, according to the brand and model.
The battery is the energy of a laptop, and if it does not receive the appropriate voltage level, through an optimal charger, it will not have good functionality or performance, causing damage to the battery and other additional problems.
We know that portable computers are very practical and easy to move anywhere, but we also know that this makes them susceptible to accidents, theft or loss of chargers, being the units with more demand in the purchase and sale of chargers worldwide .
In Kelatos, we have the best specialized technical team that, in addition to indicating which is the most efficient charger for your laptop, will also give you all the necessary recommendations, to keep your charger working in perfect conditions, thus achieving the life of your charger It lasts much longer.
If you want to find the widest variety of chargers, do not hesitate to contact us, we have availability of chargers of all brands and models: HP, Dell, Sony, Asus, MacBook, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, and more.
The best decision you can make is to purchase an original charger and specifically designed for your laptop model and brand. By investing in a good charger, you will be saving both money and time, ensuring long and prolonged operation.
Universal chargers, being created to have multiple compatibilities, often give many failures shortly after use, risking not only the investment of the charger, but even possible shorts in the circuits of your equipment. We assure you that it is not worth taking a risk, this can generate higher costs than if you invest in an authentic charger.

Learn the advantages of a charger in Kelatos

  • They are manufactured with high quality standards.
  • They have the right voltage for your laptop.
  • Designed with circuits with heat protection, for a better level of safety and performance.
  • Includes protection against short circuits, overvoltage and heating.
  • They are specially designed for a specific type of laptop, providing more durability to your battery and equipment in general.
    Another type of important information for you, is to know the minimum security measures, to avoid any type of accident, through the appropriate use of your laptop charger.
    Protection and Security
  • Never expose your charger to contact with liquids, moisture and excessive dust, as this could cause a dangerous electric shock.
  • Avoid using your charger under direct sun exposure, it could cause overheating.
  • The use of chargers in areas with good ventilation is recommended.
  • Under no circumstances open the charger, the laptop chargers are not designed to be repaired, once damaged it is not possible to repair any of its internal components. That is why it is recommended to buy a new one.
  • Do not use a charger that does not adapt to the voltage of your equipment, this can lead to serious problems.
  • When purchasing a charger, you must verify that the charging tip is correct for your laptop, that’s why it is so important to get the most suitable for your brand and model.
  • Keep your charger away from contact with children.
  • Locate a nearby outlet, which you can quickly access if you need it.

The right choice of the charger for a laptop is not as simple as it seems, for that we are Kelatos, experts with an impeccable track record offering the best original chargers, specifically adapted to each team. With great pleasure we will be waiting for you, to give you the perfect alternative for your laptop.
It has been proven that we are the most qualified to advise you, and that you get your ideal charger, we will evaluate the charging points (plug and jacks) of your unit, the amperage, the brand, the model and the rest of the highlighted information, and We will give you the best options, we are known for having the most accessible prices in all of Madrid.
If you want more information, you can contact us by phone: 914 468 503, you can also find us in the central Chamberí neighborhood, Joaquín María López Street, 26, 28015 Madrid (near the Islas Philippines subway station). There our consultants will be waiting for you to meet your requirements and offer you incredible discounts.

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